Going further

In its second edition, Across Borders has connected 50 recognised designers, illustrators, calligraphers or typographers from 30 diferent countries, resulting in a collection of 30 posters that were exhibited at the Disseny Hub Barcelona, as part of the Barcelona Design Week 2020.


Each poster in the exhibition is the result of the work between two different creatives from two different countries.


In its execution, physical, linguistic and cultural barriers have been overcome among them. The work base theme was borders and all the debate around them. Some establish a dialogue that starts from a typographic point of view. There is a very interesting interaction of languages. Arabic and Chinese, Korean and English, Arabic and Romanian, Japanese and Catalan or Hindi and Spanish are intertwined according to the poster. Home is a recurring theme and it had come out in languages like Sindhi, English or Catalan. Another issue is nature as a pure place that does not recognise borders, connects us and to which we must return … the forest, the jungle, the wind, the sea…

Across Borders exhibition by Mayúscula
“Never before in our history have we lived in a world so divided and compartmentalized. So fragmented. Every year, we produce half a million tons of barbwire that is eight million kilometers of fences, or enough to circle the earth 200 times”.