Bluring the frontiers between the physical, the virtual and the digital.

True to Across Borders DNA, we constantly try to find ways in which we can find a borderless space without limits, a third space in which two participants can co-create and express themselves together, regardless of their location and culture. Live Virtual Reality Painting is a solidarity experience framed under the Barcelona Design Week in which Tatiana Halbach (Desilence), from the Disseny Hub museum in Barcelona, and Soraya Syed (Art of the Pen), from her studio in London, share a virtual canvas to create an artwork, with music by Daniel Baughman from Hivern Discs. This event is co-organized by Mayúscula, AIATS and Barcelona Centre de Disseny.


The aim of Across Borders is to fund Dignity kits for refugee women in Lebanon, so please consider making a donation. With only 15 euro you can help one women for several months with basic feminine hygiene products, giving her back her dignity.



Soraya Syed
Soraya Syed is a classically trained calligrapher, artist and filmmaker of growing international renown. She continually works to push the boundaries of what is expected from this traditional art form. She takes the written word off the page into film, dance and VR and has worked with the likes of Google, the British Museum and Royal Shakespeare Company. She is based in London. In 2005, Soraya was awarded the sought-after icazetname (the authoritative Islamic calligraphy licence) from Istanbul, Turkey. The art of Islamic penmanship is a bridge between the spiritual and material, the visual and the verbal. It is a living tradition that has the capacity for self-renewal enabling Soraya to adopt a contemporary approach while remaining true to her artistic heritage. Her practice is a process of disciplined freedom where she enjoys the constant tension between remaining true to her classical training while exploring further possibilities.


Tatiana Halbach (Desilence)
Tatiana Halbach is a visual artist, with more than twenty years of experience with live visuals and visual set design, and co-founder of the Desilence studio in 2005. Desilence is a multi-award winning studio that specializes in creating images for live performances through state-of-the-art videomapping, visual scenery, and real-time motion graphics. At the center of Desilence is the love for painting, for the hypnotic movement, for the beautiful and well thought out idea. Incessant perseverance to find balance. With an obvious passion for the trade. Since 2005 creating great scenic shows, live visuals, visual scenarios, musicals, dance shows and installations.


Their collaboration aims to fund dignity kits for Syrian refugee women in Lebanon. Through the sale of posters and direct donations, that will be admitted until December 20, 2020 in our charity page.

“Borders are not just physical, they are psychological.  We often limit ourselves but also others by how we project our biases or prejudices onto them. The Spanish proverb, 'The tree is known by its fruit, not by its roots' expresses perfectly and timelessly a positive way forward. As we each navigate our individual lives it seems we operate separately and independently from one another but at the end of the day, we are all just together connected in this unique and precious world ”.